Classical Indian Dance

Bettina Breese - Performances and Classes




beginning to dance at the age of eight (among others: Classical Ballet, Jazz, Historical Dance, Kathak)

since 1988 studies in Bharat Natyam
Teachers: Irina Jankevic-Sommer, Bragha Guruswamy-Bessell, Sita Sophia Meyer-Dohm (Germany/Berlin), Meena Raman (India/Chennai, former Madras), under guidance of Bithika Chatterjee (Berlin) completion of Arangetram-course

since 1991 studies in Kuchipudi
Teachers: Padma Shrees Raja and Radha Reddy as well as Kaushalya Reddy (New Delhi), Sailajah (India/Chennai, former Madras)

Performances and Teaching activities


Berlin, Leipzig, Augsbourg, Görlitz, Weißwasser, Stuttgart


New Delhi, Kolkatta (Calcutta), Varanasi, Shantiniketan, Bankura


Leningrad (today: St. Petersbourg)


Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa


Tallinn, Viljandi


Tokyo, Nara, Osaka


Patan (Lalitpur)

Great Britain:



since 1993 honorary-teaching of Bharat Natyam and since 1994 of Kuchipudi (also abroad)

Critics and Press

Habamah Theatre, Jerusalem:

"Bettina Breese performed with great success. -Various members of the audience took the time to tell how much they enjoyed the evening."

Museum Haifa:

"Bettina Breese zeigte Beherrschung der Technik und Verständnis für den dramatischen indischen Tanz. Ihre persönliche Anmut und Charakterinterpretation beeindruckten sehr."
(Translation: Bettina Breese performed with minute technique of the genre and with understanding of the dramatic Indian Dance)

Member of the audience, Museum in Haifa:

"The whole audience - me included - was very impressed by everything to be seen on stage: "Beautiful movements in harmony with enjoyable music, wonderful costumes. Taste and aesthetics of this "Dance Morning" have won our hearts."

The Telegraph, Kolkatta:

"The programme began with Bettina Breese's Jatiswaram and Shringara Lahari in Kuchipudi style. Bettina minutely followed the rhythm and technique of the genre".

"A German who has mastered Indian classical dance forms and even enriched them."

The Statesman, Kolkatta:

"Bettina Breese in the role of Shanta (in Tagore's dance-drama Mayar Khela) was by far the best dancer."

Aj, Varanasi:

"Bettina Breese and (...) had the best expression."

Swantra Bharat, Varanasi:

"The Kuchipudi by Bettina Breese was extremely laudable."

Prabasi Anandabazar, Kolkatta:

"Bettina Breese's dance in Kuchipudi style was excellent and admired very much by the audience."

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